About TRMB

TRMB prides itself in using a research lens from a team of highly specialized and experienced consultants to address business needs of today’s industry. We access the latest evidence that is contextually-relevant to your business needs in the field of science so as to provide your business practical solutions. Our premise is that every business wants to grow and excel, so we endeavor to provide you the lubricant for your cog-wheels to facilitate this path to your success. Our primary focus is concerned with the health, education, social and agricultural sectors, which form the bedrock of developing economies.

Through our research lens, we envisage advancing consulting for industry to the next level by providing simple solutions to complex business needs. We aim to become a globally leading consulting firm by 2032, with particular interest in the global south. In this regard, our consulting firm has a strong focus on social entrepreneurship, and has dedicated consultants for growing this portfolio.

The lead consultants at TRMB provide a broad range of specialized skills: Health policy and systems research, Organizational Behaviour and Management, Education and Nutrition, Accounting, Audit and Information-Management-Systems and Database Management, Developmental Assistance and Emergency response, Organic Agriculture and Agro-Ecology, Business Engagement and Marketing, Purchasing and Supplies Chain Management, Civil, Electronic and Telecom Engineering, Legal and Human Rights and Monitoring and Evaluation.

By 2032 (within 20 years of existence), situate herself globally among the ten leading research translation consultancy firms for science.

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